Multiple Teams · Rivalry Game vs. Jennings

Written by Alex’za Jelks

This past game Saturday, September 9th was MSB vs Jennings. Before the game I interviewed Terranse Harris the Center of the football team. I asked him about the rivalry between them and Jennings he said, “I do not know it been a rivalry before I was born.” But Coach Manning said,  “Over a long period of time, because the schools are so near each other and have competed in the same conference, a natural intensity towards each other has occurred.”
This game had a lot of hype to it just because of the teams. So I asked about the hype of the game he said, “It’s an important game and it’s a conference game and they do not like us and we do not like them.” Tavian Willis had another good game along with Nathan Smith and Lorenzo Phillips. We had a lot of touchdowns called back throughout the game but that didn’t stop them from trying and keep going and they still came out with the win. The final score was 28 – 0. During half time it was a cheerleading battle and MSB cheerleaders won and crowd was going crazy. After the game I asked Terranse what was the game was like he said, “ It was fun and energetic.”  His last comment was I hope we can keep up our streak against our upcoming game Saturday September 16th against Lift for Life.