Multiple Teams · Football: MSB vs Orchard Farm

Written By Alex’za Jelks

The game on September,3 2017  was MSB vs  Orchard Farm at Home. I interviewed Devon Blanchard ,the self-proclaimed star Athlete of the team, before the game. Speaking with  Devon he was excited for this game.I asked a couple questions about the game. I asked what is the importance of the game he said, “Not to give them any hope.” I asked what was the score projected to be  he said not to let them score and score as many as they can. But that didn’t happen, Orchard Farm scored 16 points in the whole game. Another one of my questions was what are you trying to accomplish this game and he said “to win as a team” and that did happen the, MSB won the game. Devon scored two 2 pt. conversions against them and gave them 4 pts. to increase their lead.  Tavian Willis and Daishawn Cotton  had an outstanding game to help out the team with the win. The final score was 53 – 16 MSB won by 37 points. After the game I met up with Devon to ask a couple more questions. I asked how was the game he said “it was good because we won the game”. He was talking about the team and the good job they did together to come out with the win. I had a good conversation with Devon and he is a good team player as well as a good athlete .