Boys Junior Varsity Baseball, Boys Varsity Baseball · Bulldogs vs. Warriors

By Deonta Watson-Gray

After starting the season with an impressive win against Gateway the Bulldogs looked to continue their good start to the season vs the Jennings Warriors on Wednesday, April 11. This would be a great win for the team. The Bulldogs knew this would be a well needed win with it being a conference game and a rivalry game. Starting the season 2-0 would be great and the conference win would put them a game ahead of Jennings in the conference seeding.  Every Time these teams face off  the whole atmosphere of the game is different from any other. These two teams know that bragging rights are on the line and each team wants to outplay the other. Before the start of the game Coach Willis said, “ We all know this is a personal game. We need this win. Do not let them get out there and outplay you all at your own field”. The Bulldogs knew from the start the Warriors would come out trying to win and will not give up. The Bulldogs sent Junior Duane Patterson on the mound to start the game vs Jennings. Duane said, “ First start of the season, of course i’m nervous. I know this team can hit and I don’t want to walk a lot of people. I’m going to go out here and do my best”.  After the start of the game the Warriors jumped out to an early 3-0 lead. After the Bulldogs went 2 innings without scoring coach Willis pulled the team in and said, “ Look at them. They having fun laughing and joking on y’all field. They think they got this game wrapped up. Take that away from them. Go out there and hit the ball and score”. At the start of the 3rd inning Senior Damon Adams got on base with a walk for the Bulldogs. Shortly after the next batter Senior center fielder Deonta Watson Gray hit a base hit to center field which led to Damon going to third. This hit then sparked a rally of hits that put the bulldogs up 7-4 over the course of 6 innings. Throughout the innings the Bulldogs placed freshman Marshawn Moore on the mound. He finished after 2 innings with 7 strikeouts and allowed no runs. Cody Ragsgale also a freshman pitcher then came in one inning to get 3 strike outs to take us into the last inning where the Bulldogs ace Tavion Willis wrapped the game up with the last 3 strike outs. The Bulldogs definitely showed up in this game. They look to continue the win streak against The U City Lions on Thursday, April 13.