Multiple Teams · Rivalry Game

By Mikyah Lawson


On Thursday April 6th, 2017 McCluer South Berkeley girls soccer team went against Normandy High School girls. This was a rivalry game. This was a competitive game, the game was expected to be ruthless, but MSB girls were taught not to ever underestimate the other team, but with confidence they knew it was going to be a win. Leona Collins, senior started,  was asked was Normandy much competition and she stated “Oh goodness no, they had their moments of course by no real competition.” Just to their expectations they did win a score of  6-0.  Tamika Trotter, also a senior starter, stated, “The game went as I expected. We played a good game and brought home a win.” According to #10 Tamika Trotter & #17 Leonna Collins they played a good game, but they need to work on focusing more. Despite these little deficiencies, they still have strong communication skills and can effectively work as a team. Working together is very important and that’s why these girls know how work to win.These strike to do better to have a winning season, and according to #17 Leonna Collins “We just have to work on our “give and go’s” and trusting one another more and we’ll have a solid season.” As they progress into the season these girls can only get better than before. According to Trotter “I wish our shooting would have been more accurate because we could have had way more goals than we did.” As practice make perfect these girls will soon be untouchable and unblemished.