Multiple Teams · JV Wrestling shoots for the Take-down!

By Deonta Watson-Gray

On Saturday January, 28th the JV Wrestling team had a meet at Hazelwood East  High school wrestling against the host, Hazelwood East Spartans, Maryville, Ritenour, McCluer, and about 10 more schools. Going into the meet I met with one of the top JV wrestlers, Erik Morten, and he told me, “We train and work out everyday with the varsity wrestlers, and they some of the best in St.Louis, not to mention our coach was a great wrestler in high school. There is no reason why we can’t go out here and compete with JV guys if we do it with our varsity guys.” The guys do have a very good coaching staff which preps them as if they were varsity guys regardless of skill which gives them an advantage. The wrestlers went into the meet very confident as well as the coaches, but that soon changed when only two wrestlers picked up a win and out of those two only one won more than one. Eric was the wrestler who went on to win 2 matches and finished third in the meet. He told me after the meet, “ I felt like one wrong move messed me up and if I would of capitalized at the right time I would of won that match and would of been wrestling for first place.” Him along with the other wrestlers were not satisfied with their performance, but they all know as long as they work hard in practice and continue to compete with the bigger, stronger, and more talented varsity guys, they will develope into the dominant wrestlers they know they can be. When asking coach Williams, the head wrestling coach,  how he felt about the JV boys he said, “Many coaches train JV separate from their varsity but we do the exact opposite which is why when they JV boys suffer from bad matches like this I know they will grow and become better because we train like no other team. The JV guys have a lot to learn and they continue to grow and get better each practice. These guys will be good to go in no time.” The Wrestling team has always been a powerhouse and that is because of the coaching staff and how they train the wrestlers. There are no worries for the JV wrestlers. These guys have some of the best if not the best, most caring, and experienced coaches in St. Louis high school wrestling. Just keep working hard each day and these guys will continue to get better.