Multiple Teams · The End to a Great Season

By Joseph Pepito and Cal’Neisha Cooper

Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. As the end of the season approaches the freshman boys played against Whitfield High School on Friday, Feb. 10th and they finished their season on Feb. 13th against the Riverview Rams.  Cody Ragsdale has given insight on what will be in play for the upcoming games.  I asked Cody, “What is the game plan for Whitfield?”  He replied, “We really don’t have a game plan for them, but we will run what we have been doing, 2-3’s, Fire, Half-court Traps.  And I also interviewed, Sydney Roberson.  I asked him, “What do you think will be challenging facing Whitfield?”  Roberson stated, “I think the only challenge that we will have is just a sudden breakdown of anything, other than that I think we will win against them.  And that is what the Freshman Bulldogs did. They have showed excellence in skill, teamwork, and game plan.  In a 48-34 victory, many of the team was in high spirits when I saw them in the hallways or giving interviews.  Roberson was very excited when he gave me his post interview.  I asked Roberson, “What do you think was the key to last Friday’s victory?”  Roberson stated, “We played really good intense defense and we did not let them let up overall.”  I then asked Roberson, “Was there any point in the game where you thought that you guys were faltering, or may lose?”  Roberson replied, “ Not really, but they did make a run early in the third quarter, but me and my teammates answered those points back and held it for the rest of the game.  I asked him about their upcoming game about Riverview.  I asked him, “So your next game is against Riverview, how do you think the team will do?”  Roberson stated, “I think it will be a very good game I have a lot of confidence going in and I also think we will win by twenty points.”This game was a very close match. And on Monday, being that it was their last game of their freshmen yr., they truly “left it all out on the court.” While interviewing freshman coach Mike Clifton I could tell that he is a very dedicated and faithful coach. He pushes the players to their highest capabilities. During the game, Riverview  players were determined not to lose. Both teams scored points left and right, from the free throw line all the way to the center court. Clifton and some of the players feel as if the game was very successful due to the fact that the players listened and pushed hard to win.The practices were consistent and the players worked hard from the start until it was time to go home. Now, rumors have it that Coach Clifton will no longer coach basketball anymore. The sport and the boys will always be important to him, and although he has been coaching basketball for several years now, his plan is to focus on other things. The best is yet to come for the team and even more for their (now) former coach.  Great Job Coach Clifton and to the basketball team class of 2020!