Multiple Teams · From Districts to State

By Joseph Pepito
MSB wrestling are now in Districts, and they have their strongest warriors on the front lines.  They are up for the challenge at St. Charles West.  I interviewed Kevon James and Kemond Murray before their matches.  I asked Kevon, “What will you expect today?” James replied, “I expect us to do our best and to just keep on fighting.”  Kemond came in and said, “We just got to be more aggressive, supportive, and give it past our all.  Faith and hard work will get us where we need and want to be.”  I asked, “How much confidence do you have going in?” Murray replied, “I have a lot of confidence going in, it’s a big stage and I’m going to get bigger.”  As they went off to wrestle on Saturday, Feb. 11th, I wished them good luck and hoped for the best for all of the players.  Unfortunately, Kevon didn’t make it to state, but Kemond Murray and Robert Givens placed both in fourth place, and now both are ready for their odyssey to state.  I interviewed Kemond, and he was very ecstatic when he was being interviewed.  Kemond being Kemond, you could tell he was focused and locked in even in school and being interviewed.  I asked Murray after districts, “How did you win your matches?”  Murray replied, “I won two of my matches and I lost two,  the two that I won, I won one by a pin, and the other one I had won in overtime.”  I asked Murray, “What was so hard or different about districts?”  He replied, “I had to work harder than I thought but it paid off.”  I also interviewed Robert Givens, the second contender for state.  “So how was districts?” I asked.  Givens replied, “Man it was challenging, it was crazy, every battle was a fight, a war.”  I asked him, “How did you win?”  Givens replied, “I really had to fight, I had to do a bunch of take-downs, and when I did have trouble, I had to hit them with the sauce, that wrestling sauce.”  Over the weekend, I saw Lawrence Woods, an alumni of MSB, at the meet. Last year, Woods made it to state and even placed in second. I asked Robert, “Lawrence was present at the meet right? Did you guys exchange words of advice?”  Givens replied, “Yes, Lawrence was an essential part of my success at districts.  Before my matches, I asked him about what I should do and what I should expect.  He knew how each of the wrestlers that I faced wrestled because he used to wrestle them in the past.  I followed and listened to what he said for the first, third and fourth matches.  The second match, I kind of did my own thing, and I then realized I should’ve just listened to him.”  With the knowledge of champions, coaches, family, and friends, Kemond Murray and Robert Givens will hope to utilize everything they can to be successful in State. Wish them the best of Luck whenever you see them as they will be traveling to Columbia Missouri where they will wrestle for state titles at the University of Missouri–Columbia.