Multiple Teams · JV Girls Hope for Win This Week

By Joseph Pepito

The girls’ JV Bulldogs hope to secure a victory in their game against Riverview.  Many of the girls are keeping their heads held high after their loss.  It’s about halfway into the season and through the many tests and opponents, they have been having a good year. I asked,”What defines the JV Lady Bulldogs? “  “Our losses don’t define us, our will does,” stated Peebles.  She seems very hopeful for the next game and the rest of the season.  Unfortunately they lost, 44-9.  I interviewed Peebles again after the game and she expressed her thoughts during the game.  I asked, “What went wrong?  What prevented the lady Bulldogs from securing the win?”  She stated, “A lot when wrong if you ask me,  we were slacking on defense,  we weren’t running any plays, and no one was communicating and even if we were,  they weren’t following through with the directions.”  I personally thought that was interesting and then I asked her, “Is there any bad chemistry or drama between teammates?”  She replied, “No not that I know of,  but I really wish we could communicate smoother.”  She seemed as a team leader, so I asked her, “do you consider yourself a team leader?  If so, how will you lead or navigate the team into the rest of the season?”  She replied, “I will try to convert our mistakes and also work on different ways to communicating with the teammates.  Also I’d like for the teammates to actually pay attention and run plays better.”  On that note,  all we can do is support our JV Bulldogs until the end of the season and hope for individual and team improvements.