Multiple Teams · JV Bulldogs Pounce The Hazelwood East Spartans

By: Joseph Pepito

The JV Bulldogs are handing out losses this season.  The young men that make up the team are bounded close together and it really shows in their performance.  In my opinion it is the great chemistry and exceptional athleticism that make their victories more constant and brutal.  Before the game, I interviewed Dorien McCurtis.  I asked him, “What are the strengths and weaknesses of the team”?  McCurtis replied, “ Our strengths would lie in the heart that we have and also the intensity.  Our weakness would include our mental focus.”  I also interviewed Adrieon Keys, “ How do you feel your team will do today” ? Keys replied, “Well I know that we will do our best and I have a good feeling that we will come out with the win”.  I thought to myself, what are the keys to their success?  Keys stated, “ The keys to our success is our teamwork, our rotation,  and playing as a whole and not being selfish with the ball”.  And our team did come out with the win!  In an amazing display of teamwork and skill, the JV Bulldogs beat the Spartans by 25 points.  After the game, I interviewed Adrieon Keys again and I asked him, “ Do you predict even more consistent victories?”  Keys stated, “Yes, I do believe we will due to the heart and confidence in each other.”  The Bulldogs will face off against Northwest Lions today at 4:00 pm.