Multiple Teams · Freshmen Boys vs Jennings

By Bri’Aiona McAlister

“GO! FIGHT! WIN! HEY!” YEEEEEEEAAAAAAH DOOOOOGGSS !!! So, December 5th was the freshmen boys first time playing McCluer South Berkeley rival team, and they took on the victory win against Jennings Freshmen Warriors. “IT’S A DOG CHECK WHERE MY DOGS AT?” *bark bark*. McCluer South Berkeley Freshmen Boys had 53 points in the end, and Jennings Freshmen boys had 32. Can you say blowout? Because that was clearly a blow out. After the game I, Bri’Aiona McAlister, interviewed, Sydni Roberson and he felt pretty confident about it. Before I even started the interview he was telling all of his fellow classmates, “Watch how I do this interview and answer these questions”. Don’t that sound like some confidence there? Okay so I began to ask Mr. Roberson, “How did you feel about the game before you played?” He announced, “I felt like we were going to have the best advantage because we were at home and we had the momentum.” So then I asked, “For you being a freshman her at McCluer South Berkeley how does it feel to play our rival team and win?” “IT FELT GREAT! I think we lost to them in our tournament, but we turned around and beat them at home and I enjoyed that win.” I can tell he was excited for this win. “How many points did you put up” I asked. “I think I had like 8. I thought I was going to have more than 8, but I didn’t really shoot the ball. I had a lot of assist.” I can tell from the looks of it Sydni really enjoys the game. So wrapping up the interview I asked, “What did you do to help your team to achieve this win?” “I had to get my team involved in the game. They didn’t really think they were going to score, but I was passing the ball and they were scoring” He replied. As you can see our Freshman Bulldogs are on the run!