Multiple Teams · Freshman girls vs. Hazelwood East

By: Bri’Aiona McAlister

Our Freshmen Lady Bulldogs sadly lost to Hazelwood East Freshmen girls. That’s so sad and devastating, but it’s okay. It’s a part of living, and learning, So before the game I interviewed Athaliah Stanback and she is freshman here at McCluer South Berkeley High School. So I asked Ms.Stanback, “How do you feel about the game today?” She replied, “I’m nervous, but I’m going to be cool.”. It kinda startled me once she said she was nervous, Being nervous and playing in a game will lead to you playing under pressure, and playing under pressure isn’t a good thing. So proceeding on to the next question I asked, “Do you think you girls are going to take the victory?” “Most definitely, because we just got that team spirit and we are going to play as a team,” replied Ms.Stanback. “What are you going to do to achieve that win?” , I asked. Ms. Stanback replied, “Play hard, make sure we play good defense, and try our best.”  I can tell she was pretty nervous to be playing Hazelwood East girls. I don’t know why, but I should’ve asked her why was she nervous. I’m not for sure what the score was, but I wish our Freshman Lady Bulldogs would’ve won. They should have better luck next time.