Multiple Teams · Just my Opinion… Where was their focus?

By:  Akya Carpenter

September 6th 2016 I interviewed the whole freshman volleyball team about how they felt the game was going to go. Their only answer was, “I think we finna do good and win this game.” I wish the ladies went more into detail, but unfortunately they didn’t. They weren’t focused as a team and though they didn’t play very badly, they didn’t play well as a team.

The Freshmen girls take a moment to pose for the camera.
The Freshmen girls take a moment to pose for the camera.

Viewing the freshman game left me with the feeling that they should have some adjustments when it comes to their attitudes. When someone messed up, they made each other feel bad. The girls have good potential to play well, but the attitude displayed in this game did not represent their team well. The girls only praised each other when they made a good play; however, they tore each other down so much that it showed. Volleyball you’re supposed to make mistakes, just like in any other sport, but the objective is to shake it off and strive for better.
The saying “Faith and Hard Work” as Coach Buchanan always says goes a long way for not just our lady bulldogs but for everyone in the school. You have to work hard and have faith to accomplish what you want. Buchanan always says at the end of games that “I don’t want anyone going home saying man I wish I did this different”. At the end of the game the girls looked so disappointed and defeated. They didn’t hold their head high, you win some, you lose some. This game wasn’t ours ladies, but hopefully next game will be.