Multiple Teams · “Gotta Be Quicker Than That”

By: Perriona Grace

Senior captain, C. Simon gets ready to set up A. McMiller for the spike.
Senior captain, C. Simon gets ready to set up A. McMiller for the spike.

Our Lady Bulldog’s varsity volleyball team plays Riverview for the first game of the year, and when I say what a good game? It was an excellent game, it was played with heart and I can say this was our lady bulldogs at their best.

Before the game I managed to get an interview with sophomore and one of our varsity captains Antoinette, she plans on playing at least D2 or D3 in college, and the way she became so interested in volleyball was her freshman year watching a varsity game. She just knew that, that was going to be her, she loved the excitement, and the teamwork. Antoinette’s mindset before a game is “Focusing on seeing the team working together as a team should on the court”

They did just that, praising each other when doing something amazing, telling each other to “shake it off” when they’ve made a mistake. They kept their spirits high, and they helped each other keep their attitudes great, and they didn’t put one another down, and this all led to an amazing win.

Yes! I said it, Our Berkeley Bulldogs with the first win of the season. Our varsity volleyball team starting off with a close but yet fantastic win. When the score was tied and it was only so little time with the score being 26 to 26 it looked like our girls were going into a game three, but thanks to Ciera Simon hitting that amazing winning spike our lady bulldogs takes the W.

After the game I managed to get Antoinette to the side and get her thoughts about the game and the other team, “I personally could’ve did better, but I’ll take this as a learning experience and shake it off” She was so proud of her team, she says they came together as one and came up with a strategy to get that winning point. She just knew they weren’t going to game three. Due to our lady bulldogs working so well together, talking, and praising each other that was the advantage they had over the opposing team, says Antoinette. She just felt the opposing team lacked communication, and togetherness they just seemed to be doing their own thing and not working as a team, they were silent.

Don’t sleep on the girls’ volleyball team this year, they came to play and there’s no doubt about it. First win of the season and it certainly won’t be the last. Maybe next time Riverview, but not this time…Gotta be quicker than that!