Multiple Teams · Get Em’ Next Year Bulldogs



January 6, 2016 McCluer South Berkeley JV Girls’ basketball team takes on McCluer Comets. For Berkeley, the results of the game were unfortunate.  The final score of the game was 15-51. I talked with Brandy Williams, a sophomore at McCluer South Berkeley. I asked Ms. Williams “How’d you feel going into the game?” She replied, “Going into the game I felt a little nervous because it was a rival team which wasn’t good because my nervousness messed up my game.” “It was a bad game for us; we gave up in the 1st quarter. McCluer is a rival team and we just didn’t bring the fire. We shall see them again though.” I also talked with Sydni Hughes-Ingram, a sophomore at McCluer who didn’t play due to an ankle injury. I asked Sydni “What was the most exciting play you witnessed while watching the game?” She replied “That’s a hard one, can you ask a different.” The next question for Sydni was “Did you feel that there was going to be much competition coming to Berkeley?” Her response was “Between varsity maybe, but I was positive JV wasn’t going to be much competition.” During last year’s season the result between the two teams were similar to this year. Maybe next year our Berkeley Bulldogs can shoot down the Comets.